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Remember this room? It's a winner for many reasons, not least of which is the bold, photo wall mural.

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This mural and many others are available from Wall Decor Shops where, frankly, the photo murals look kind of cheesy unless you really use your imagination.

By curving the mountain mural around two walls, the children's Swiss Mountain Retreat above is given added depth and realism.

And remember Marley's Pirate Cove? His mother used the Atlantis mural as a feature in the ultimate kid's pirate fantasy room.

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A Little House on the Prairie theme room anyone? We can practically see Carrie falling down the hill of this meadow mural.

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Have a space nut at your house? This solar system mural is quite sophisticated.

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Wall Decor Shops carries a variety of murals just begging for some imagination - from mountains to streams to waterfalls. They vary in price according to size - to give you an idea, a 12' 6" wide x 9' high mural is around $100 including the paste to affix it to your wall.

If you're in Europe, you can find many of the same photo murals at Kleur Mijn Interieur.

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