Wells Antiques
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  • Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Once again I have to say Silverlake saves us from the mainstream. WELLS ANTIQUES. Is a spectacular Tile and Pottery shop that is worth the trip alone, just to see what true artistry looks like.

If you love the look of the Craftsman style, you will be in heaven.

The store is filled with pieces that are mostly vintage, predominantly Californian, and often dating back to the turn of the century.

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Be warned, Wells Antiques is one of those stores that few can afford. The stunning tiles are priced from $10 a tile up to, I kid you not, $300 and higher.

If one collects and one has the cash, there are some items that are well worth their price tag with names like Bauer, Harding Black, Zanesville stoneware Co. and more. If one has caviar taste with Ikea pockets, might I suggest splurging on one or two beautiful tiles and incorporating them into a room. Hell, I'd love to have one just sitting on my coffee table. Check them out. They're just that good! AH

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