Weltevree: Authentic Dutch Design and Products

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  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: IndustriePark Kleefse Waard in Arnhem in the Netherlands

Weltevree is a Dutch product label. Weltevree develops and produces authentic products for the living environment. Appliances that satisfy our primary desires: distinctive, original and of excellent quality. Weltevree was born out of the need to make these products accessible to all.

We first came across Dutch product label Weltevree when we went looking for more information about Dutchtubs, the outdoor wood-fired bathtubs. Weltevree, the producer of Dutchtubs, develops and produces its designs under its own management and supplies them directly to the end users, and Dutchtubs are just one of their product offerings. We got pretty excited about their other designs, too!

More about Weltevree:

Designers Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff have combined their experience to make innovative designs accessible. Weltevree’s first product is the Stonestove by Dick van Hoff, a classic from 1999 that had never before been produced for the consumer market. [All of] Weltevree’s products are manufactured in series. Their clean and practical shapes clearly reflect contemporary tastes. Weltevree’s designs are one of a kind, intended for a specific use, and are redolent with a palpable originality.


1 Dutchtub
2 Outdoor Oven
3 Stone Stove
4 Wheelbench
5 Small Tile Stove


6 Big Tile Stove
7 Divewood
8 Elementstair
9 Socketlight

Also make sure to check out Weltevree's World Wide Local, a digital platform where users and suppliers of Weltevree products can connect with each other and share their local experiences and findings.

(Images: Weltevree)