Whiskers: Holistic Pet Products

Whiskers: Holistic Pet Products

Cambria Bold
Sep 8, 2008

Whiskers is a far cry from the posh, high-end poodle spas in the West Village. Specializing in natural food and remedies for all pets, this holistic East Village store gets rave reviews and has a full service website.

The owners are incredibly knowledgeable about holistic pet care, and very generous with that knowledge. They have an amazing selection of byproducts-free pet food. And they deliver--even to Brooklyn!

According to their website, they offer:

  • Unique, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, naturally preserved, digestive/urinary tract friendly, and/or dietetic processed foods.
  • Herbs in many forms.
  • Homeopathic and flower remedies.
  • A wide range of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals and glandulars.
  • The best, most informative books and videos.
  • The largest selection of fresh/frozen meats/meals specifically for animals.
  • Safe, non-toxic cat litters, toys and treats.
  • Unique, organic, vegetarian/vegan treats and foods.
  • The unusual, and usual, in pet accoutrements including TTouch equipment, unique harnesses not found elsewhere, accessories, toys, natural chew bones and much more!

Here are some comments from AT readers:

Fiona says: Whiskers is a great store. I used to live just down the block from them. Very helpful staff who genuinely care about pets. As for why you want holistic remedies, my husband's old cat got cancer and the vet suggested holistic products and a diet of just meat and veggies (the vet gave more guidance than that, but I'm summing it up). My husband was feeding the same products to his other cat, and he said they both got so healthy-looking and their fur was plush. I have no idea if it prolonged the life of the cat with cancer, but my husband does feel like it made a difference.

Sarah says: Our cat had been having digestion problems. Took her to the vet and they just told us to expect older cats not to be able to keep their food down to deal with it. A friend recommended Whiskers, and we took our problem to them. They recommended different holistic foods and vitamins, and within a week our cat could eat again, kept the food down, was happier and had more energy. I almost prefer to take our cat the them then our own vet! Whiskers is THE BEST pet store in the city. I can't say enough good things about them.

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