Wintercheck Factory: Double-Duty Furniture

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: Brooklyn, NY
  • Founded by: Kristen Wentrcek
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

In June of 2009, Kristen Wentrcek officially launched WINTERCHECK FACTORY® in Brooklyn, New York. She recruited her closest friends, all of whom are not only highly skilled in one area or another but also able to cope with receiving countless daily emails from her. They began with furniture, and later added accessories, clothing and housewares into the mix. The goal is, and has been from the beginning, to source, manufacture and even re-purpose items we want/need in our daily lives with the hope that customers want/need these products as well. Our ideal product is functional, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, we strive to be economically mindful in order to make original, local design as accessible as possible. While we are lucky enough to work with selected retailers, we primarily sell directly from our website, giving us the freedom to sell any product without constraints.

After working as a manager on a construction site in Tribeca for four years, Kristin Wentrcek left the development industry, set up a workshop in Bushwick, and started designing and making furniture with her personal, quirky stamp on it.

Most of these pieces serve more than one function: a side table doubles as storage, a chair has a hidden compartment beneath the seat, and an entryway rack is designed to hold coats and shoes. These are simple, sturdy pieces that would pull their weight in a small apartment.

  • Ed Chair ($800): This armchair reminds us of the old slogan for Volvo: boxy but good. A hinged storage hatch is hidden underneath the seat, and it comes with plaid or faux leather upholstery.
  • Arthur Coat Rack ($450): This entryway rack includes three slots: one for keys and loose change, and two for shoe storage (the panels don't slide). Hooks mounted underneath hold coats and bags, and it comes in red, white, cherry, or walnut. (Prices vary depending on the finish for pretty much all their products.)

  • Aaron Storage Table ($860): From the outside, it looks like a basic box, but inside it has four removable dividers that allow you to split up the interior into quadrants or eighths. It comes in yellow, gray, cherry, or walnut-stained birch.
  • Paul Desk ($800): It looks a little like the cubicle desks in our old college library, but we like it. The Paul Desk has removable storage boxes designed to hold files and desk accessories.
  • Julian Scarf ($30): It's not furniture, but it's still pretty cool. This scarf has built-in zippered pockets where you can hide your keys and wallet.

You can buy Wintercheck goods online through their website; there's no brick and mortar store.