Woodstock Lamps: Handcrafted Found Hardwood Lamps

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2008
  • Founded by: Roy Gumpel
  • Headquarters: Woodstock, New York

Roy started collecting pieces of wood on his long walks through the forests of New York. From the wood, he started making wood lamps. Whenever his friends would see the special lamps, they immediately asked for him to make them one as well. His newly created lamps made it into the hands of many friends and family and also shop owners.

Woodstock Lamps owner Roy Gumpel finds beautiful pieces of wood while on his walks through New York forests and uses them to make the lovely light fixtures you see here.

The wood lamps range in size from 4-5 inches to 3 feet tall. Whether you choose the cedar root wall sconce, a found hardwood wall sconce, or a standing table lamp, you'll know each lamp is completely unique. Roy is certain that the type of wood he uses (which is lightly oiled and fitted with a low-wattage bulb) will last a few lifetimes.

Images via Woodstock Lamps