Yurts: Instant Rooms for Rooftop or Seaside

Store History

  • Founded: 1978
  • Headquarters: Cottage Grove, OR
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The summer season has started! Where's your country house? If you want your own romantic getaway spot this summer, may we recommend something that works for us: yurts. While land may be harder to find, a rooftop will do, and after a phone call to one of these two shops:

Pacific Yurts
The Colorado Yurt Company

you will be on the receiving end of an amazing little architectural gem. Based on traditional yurts constructed by Central Asian nomads for centuries, yurts are round, can be erected in hours, and can be insulated to withstand the coldest winter or the hottest summer. While a platform is necessary, a standard 12' yurt will run you $3,950 and you can increase the size (up to 30') and the extras (like windows, doors, insulation, etc.) to suit your comfort.

We live in one of five on Long Island in the summer, where they each act as a private guest room off of a main house and allow us all to share a small house with great harmony. This is a great resource to have. Also, if you are interested in tipis or tents, Colorado also sells those. MGR


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