Alternative Uses for These Super Cute Shot Glass Lenses

Alternative Uses for These Super Cute Shot Glass Lenses

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 15, 2011

We were suckers for the zoom lens coffee mug and we have a good feeling these cute little mini-shot glass lenses will be just as big a hit. For who enjoy photography under the influence, just replace espresso with 'x' and you've created yourself some unintended (and possibly disastrous) version of 'creativity.' A slew of other clever uses for the shot glass await after the jump.

Although one shouldn't stop there - the convenient shape makes it for a great storage container, from toothpicks to paper clips, it doubles as a cute office accessory that'll surely garner plenty of attention from your colleagues.

The Shot Glass Lenses come in a set of 3 and is constructed out of heavy ceramic. This is probably a good thing since espresso shots tend to be scathing hot compared to regular coffee, and a plastic container would likely have some bad health ramifications. The best part? It's only $18!

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