Should I Be Worried About Pests When Buying a Used Sofa?

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Q: I found a beautiful, cheap couch on craigslist for only $100. The upholstery was spotless, but the wood detailing needs a little TLC. I decided to go for it and told the seller I’d pick it up later this week. But when I told a colleague about my score, she said she’d be too worried about pests – fleas, mites, and the dreaded bedbug – to buy a used couch. She’s now got me freaked about what I might be bringing into my home.

My question is, should I be overly worried about pests, especially bedbugs? Will a vacuum and a steam-clean kill anything potentially nasty?

(PS - the couch in the pic isn't the couch I'm thinking of buying. I just wanted to include a photo for illustration purposes).

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Good Questions

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