Can I Remove Bathroom Grab Bar in Condo?

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Q: My boyfriend and I bought a condo almost a year ago and have been slowly making it our own. One issue that I've been researching with very few results is whether I can and should remove a grab bar that's next to our toilet.

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The bathroom doesn't have much wall space to begin with and it takes up a very large wall that I'd much rather do other things with (like put a cabinet against, install a towel rod, etc.). I've looked through the condo bylaws and there's nothing specifically about a handicap bar, but they say no renovations without board consent. Is it likely this counts as making changes to the condo, and would it be difficult to reinstall this bar later on if I needed to reverse this? Are there any laws about taking out assitance aspects of an apartment? Considering the extra wide doors and halls, as well as the low kitchen sink, we're guessing it was built as a accessible apartment, but was not advertised as such. Any advice would be appreciated!

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