Should I Repaint These Chairs?

Should I Repaint These Chairs?

Gregory Han
Sep 30, 2009

Q: I am trying to hunt down Tolix chairs for a better price than the usual $250. I found some used ones in my area for 60 dollars! However, they are the Tolix armchairs and are painted dark brown (which I personally think looks pretty bad). Is it still worth it to buy them and perhaps repaint them? What colors would look okay on these chairs?

Sent by Natalie

Editor - The French-made classic Tolix Cafe Chairs look great in almost any primary or vintage era hue (think Technicolor, the brighter the better!). Pottery Barn is selling the Tolix for $225, which is a smidgen under the $250 you quote, but won't require you repainting them. But if you decide to repaint the $60 brown arm chairs, you may want to consider taking them into get powder coated for a fine, long lasting finish, as recommend by many readers in this previous post about how to paint an old metal filing cabinet.

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