Showers So Large They’ll Haunt Your Dreams

Showers So Large They’ll Haunt Your Dreams

Dabney Frake
Nov 4, 2015
(Image credit: Dwell)

A list of things you could do in the following showers: 1) throw a dinner party; 2) get the old band back together; 3) convene a think tank; 4) organize a flash mob; 5) host movie or game night; and 6) open a lending library. They are that echoing-ly large.

Shown above: Paola Navone's industrial style bathroom is an Italian dream. And those tiles!

(Image credit: Melinda Ritz)

This huge round bathroom is also an open shower space designed by Melinda Ritz and has both an overhead and wall-mounted shower head.

(Image credit: Country Living)

If you can fit an honest to goodness surfboard in it, and still have room to shower, then you’ve got yourself a large shower.

(Image credit: Alisberg Parker)

This is more attic bedroom than shower enclosure. Alisberg Parker made great use of awkward space and turned it into some spectacular.

(Image credit: Muskoka Living)

This marble classic bathroom from Muskoka Living is the full length of the whole bathroom.

(Image credit: Sunset Magazine)

It’s the window that makes this shower from Sunset Magazine appear even larger than it actually is.

(Image credit: English Locations)

You’ve heard of walk-in closets, and this English home’s shower is the bathroom equivalent.

Tracery Interiors came up with this black and white beauty that's pretty spacious.
The built-ins and rug in this Andrea Schumacher-designed bathroom make the shower appear even more like its own room.
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