Signature Mini USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Signature Mini USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Gregory Han
May 5, 2008

External drives are practically fashion accessories these days, offering enclosures that compliment not only the computers they're hooked up to, but also the accessories they're sharing desk space with (we keep our Maxtor drive behind our monitors, just out of view, but it's still easy on the eyes). SimpleTech's new Signature Mini is available in 7 different colours that seem recognizably familiar to anyone who owns an Apple Nano or Shuffle...

Besides offering consumers a range of fruitalicious case options, SimpleTech's Signature Mini USB 2.0 Hard Drive's colours designate the storage capacity of their drives, with the Espresso weighing in at 120 GB, all the way up to a 320 GB Black Cherry.

Other specs:
* Textured exterior case for easy grip
* Designed specifically for travel
* High speed USB 2.0 "Y" cable included provides power without extra cables
* Online and encrypted online and automatic backups with Fabrik Local Backup™ (2 GB free)
* 3-year warranty

Just noticed Amazon has these drives at a significant discount (strangely, the price doesn't seem to correlate with the drive size, but actually with the popularity of the case colour):

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