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Fashion magazines are full of bling lately. But I'm not talking about jewelry. I'm talking about shoes and clothes. It isn't just because the holiday season is coming up: the runways are awash in sequins and silver; glitter and shimmer. How about a little silver in the home?

In ye olden days, if you had any silver (candlesticks, gravy boats, etc) you proudly displayed it in your dining room hutch or on a side table. These days silver has been displaced by ceramics, herbal infusers, and random accessories. The glimmering shine of silver is absent in most homes. I say, bring back a bit of silver! Not only does it light up a room, silver is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. And, no, it doesn't have to be the real thing! A silver painted lamp is magic enough. And, please: Don't go overboard or your room may look like the Quartermaines' McMansion in a 1970s episode of General Hospital. Or worse, something out of the reality show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane.

Top Row
1. Artichoke lamp from Vintage Looks, $650.
2. Silver magazine holder from Wisteria, $99.
3. Lazy Susan hanging lantern at Amazon, $170.
4. Candelabra Home antiqued silver glass lamp from Candelabra, $69.
5. Chinese garden stool from Overstock, $82.99.

Second Row
1. Compinibili storage units by Kartell at ABC Carpet & Home, $132+.
2. Oly Studio Morgan bed at Candelabra.
3. Raj chair from Wisteria, $289.
4. John Derian Moroccan pouf, $345.

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