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Kangaroo Point Australia
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love this space, as we have created something that reflects who we are. Adopting the attitude that bigger is not necessarily better, we were keen to explore what would be possible in overcoming some of the typical limitations of family life in high density residential living. Large, glossy reflective panels bring the outside in, helping the space to feel larger and creating an abundance of light. There are no walls; every element is in itself a storage and lighting unit as well as serving to divide the space. My favourite element is the fish tank that divides the kids' room and the bathroom; it allows for natural light to pass into the bathroom and reflects light, creating privacy and a positive energy in what is a very nonconformist bathroom space.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Floor area, ceiling height, minimal external views and day-lighting were the main limiting factors, coupled with the requirement to fabricate entirely off site in components small enough to fit through a standard front door. Reflection was the primary method used to make the space look bigger, allowing light to be reflected and redirected and capture the external views – whether from the ‘ghost’ reflections on the walls, the ceiling bulkhead or the kitchen joinery. The bi-tonal approach provides a backdrop that accentuates the items in the space, colourful objects and mementos of family life as well as the everyday tools of existence. Bright white, glossy silhouettes punch outlines into the black walls. These silhouettes are accentuated by the extensive use of LED lighting, which not only enhances the snaking forms but has reduced the energy bills by approximately 50%. The existing room layout has been reconfigured to ensure natural cross ventilation is maximised.