Simple Clean: Bathroom

Simple Clean: Bathroom

Abby Stone
Sep 11, 2008

atla-091008-bathroom.jpgAlthough we love a clean house, we hate cleaning it when there are many more interesting things to do! And, although we've considered a weekly or biweekly maid, we'd rather save the money to spend on those more interesting things. So, the dilemma becomes how to find the time to clean and not have it take all day. Here's one trick we use in the bathroom...

Keeping a few supplies in the bathroom means cleaning more apt to happen regularly and often. A small sprayer of Windex, a small supply of clean rags and a squeegee, kept in a pretty container, lets us wipe down the counter, the mirror, the shower or the tub when we're through using them; keeping our toilet brush stored in some liquid soap and a few drops of bleach means it's always at the ready to wipe out the bowl. Doing a little bit every day keeps us from having to spend the whole day cleaning and keeps the bathroom pleasant to use at all times.

[image: Kana and Sam's Less is More]

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