Quick DIY Project Idea:
Hanging Magazine Storage

Monsters Circus

We are big fans of Mette, the woman behind Monsters Circus —she regularly comes up with simple yet beautiful DIY projects. This latest craft is doable in about 30 minutes, using minimal materials.

If you have some macrame string, and round beads, simply tie a monkey's fist around the bead, and hang from the ceiling. Here, Mette hung three at varying heights. Once hung, thread the string inside a book or magazine, and the round bead with keep it in place (almost like a bookmark). The result is super sophisticated and minimalist storage.

If you need a reminder on how to tie a monkey's fist (or monkey's knot in some circles) then check out this tutorial from Animated Knots.

Thank you Mette for the great tip!

(Image credits: Monsters Circus)