Simple Green: Bring Back the Basin

Simple Green: Bring Back the Basin

Amber Byfield
Mar 12, 2009

03_12_09_water.jpegLast night while making dinner, we kept count of the number of times we turned on the faucet to rinse our hands. Once after cutting each of the veggies (total count, 4); three times in the course of chopping up the cooked chicken, and twice during the bread prep. That brings us to a grand total of nine times to turn on the water just to rinse our hands.

We love to be in the kitchen cooking, and are pretty efficient and green for the most part, from choosing sustainable and organic ingredients to keeping the fridge and oven doors shut as much as possible... But water usage during cooking can be significantly lowered with one very simple, old-school system: a wash basin.

Instead of rinsing over and over, why not set aside a bowl of water to keep your hands clean throughout the cooking session?

We think this system will work wonders for us--and if we have to suds up for any reason, our soap is biodegradable and we can still transfer it to the watering can for our container garden.

We can't think of any downsides; even if we're working with raw meat, using a bowl full of water and a squeeze of soap will prevent our dirty hands from touching the faucet, making it even more sanitary.

Have any of you readers used this technique in your kitchen?

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