Simple Green: Focus on Reusables for Picnics

05_20_09_picnic.jpgThis gorgeous spring weather makes us resent having to be inside for any length of time — which is why we're dreaming up the perfect picnic. We're thinking blanket, homemade bread, local veggies, a book, and the dog for company. While packing a lunch and enjoying it outdoors is a great way to go green in many respects, many people look at it as an excuse to break out the disposable cutlery, plates, and cups.

Why not forego the disposables and opt for reusables instead?

Sure, there's the draw of disposables being lightweight, and there are Earth-friendly disposables on the market (from bamboo to wax paper, many of which are compostable).

But when you think about the energy used to create any kind of disposable, coupled with its single-use ramifications, doesn't it seem more green to find a set of thrift store utensils and a stack of hardy camping plates and cups, that can be used and reused for years?

Tell us what you think. As for us, we'll be packing up our everyday table settings for a (heavy) afternoon picnic with the pup in tow!

(Image: Flickr member Stewart licensed under Creative Commons.