Simple Green: The Half-It Principle

Simple Green: The Half-It Principle

Amber Byfield
Feb 25, 2009

02_25_09_halves.jpgThese little green tips we come across in day-to-day life seem so simple, but at the same time if each person followed them, the world would notice a big difference. While washing my hair this morning, I took a look at the amount of shampoo I used and realized--I could cut it in half.

And then I remembered what a colleague of mine has been saying: If we cut everything in half, we save resources.

The principle, which is rooted in the reduce part of the beloved triple-R mantra, is an easy mnemonic device to remember to just use less. It works for anything from using less soap to deciding only to use one paper towel in a public bathroom. You can probably get by with less TP, fewer plastic baggies, detergent, and the like. I'm not talking about dieting here--just simply cutting back in areas where consumption can obviously be reduced.

The bigger picture is goes as far as to say we could even cut the number of children we decide to have from the average of two down to one, or to live in a house that's half the size of the average home. I'm personally not ready to make those big decisions, but the half-it idea surely makes sense on a daily basis for the little things.

What do you think?

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