We've been on the hunt for simple garden ideas and also for some modern garden blogs to really sink our teeth into. While on the search we came across 2 things we loved: this idea for an uber modern (and very simple to put together) trellis and a garden blog that really gets us going:

What we love about the trellis is that it would be an easy on to install on a balcony or in a small space to help provide privacy without some bulky wood latticework. You could probably even rig something like this canopy on a balcony. And we love that finding this post brought us to Nest in Style: A Practical Guide For the Modern Garden, a blog that highlights simple advice for growing flowers, vegetables, making compost, simple diy's etc. We're going to keep it bookmarked and dive in this weekend. Does anyone have a garden blog that they absolutely love and want to share?

Find the instructions for the Modern Trellis right here.