Simplicity Chic: Lukas/Peet Designs

When I decorate, I inevitably end up with a corner, wall space, or tablescape that needs . . . . something . Usually, just a little detail or two to finish the room. The elegant pieces from Lukas/Peet Designs seem perfect for such gaps. They're unique enough to attract attention, but muted enough to pair with what I have already.

Each one of his lights and accessories features a thoughtful twist — a piece of rope around a streamlined clock, leather pulled taut over a writing desk, or a elegantly curved fork. It's a nice, versatile twist on minimalism.

  1. The maple and rope Hanging Clock would look gorgeous streamlined kitchen.
  2. The Shape/Form silverware set is unfussy and glamorous.
  3. The Table Lantern, inspired by oil lamps, features a cork dimmer.
  4. The gold-leaf plated Hanging Light casts a soft, unusual glow.
  5. The spare, artful Surface Tension is perfect to tuck beneath a sunlit window.

See the full collection at Lukas/Peet.

Images: Lukas Peet

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