Simply Seasonal: Swapping Out Your Art?

I've never really thought about doing this myself, but I bet swapping out your art seasonally is more common than I think.

Now I'm not saying all of your artwork should change and reflect the seasons (that would just be wasteful and a bit weird), but if you have a couple of small pieces, maybe that lean somewhere, it would be an easy way to give your room a little seasonal refresh. I think it would be a simple way to keep your home updated other than just changing out your pillows every now and then. I kind of like the idea of waiting and looking forward to digging out new artwork for a specific part of the year. People do it for holiday decor — why not art?

So let us know — do you seasonally swap out your art?

(Image: Hello Summer House by Papel Sincloro on Etsy)

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Alysha is a photographer and designer living in Seattle who loves dark chocolate, tea, and all things furry. In her spare time you'll find her with paint in her hair renovating her 1919 Craftsman and sharing the process on her blog Old House New Tricks.