Simply Stunning Sewn Paper Decorations

Project Wedding

Sometimes a design or decor idea makes such an impact on us, we can't help but stop what we're doing and say, "Wow!" That was the case with these sewn vellum paper mobiles. Would you believe you can make everything you see here for less than $25?!

Jordan Ferney, party planner extraordinaire, has a fabulous new tutorial up over at Project Wedding for this simple and ridiculously inexpensive colorful look. Using sheets of vellum paper that are cut into strips, they are individually sewn together the way you would make traditional bunting. Except this time, instead of sewing through the ends, you're sewing straight through the middle.

The end result can be tailored to fit the needs of your party and can be done in any and every color in the rainbow. They make a big bang for your buck and are sure to brighten any space they adorn.

Read The Full Tutorial and Instructions For This Project at Project Wedding

(via: Jordan Ferney; Image: Project Wedding)

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