Simrin fabric trays and tablecloths

Simrin fabric trays and tablecloths

Feb 5, 2008

We're not sure why, but we're still being drawn to yellow and black color combinations lately (as previously mentioned on this post). It just feels fresh right now, especially when we see things like these beautiful "surya" laminated fabric trays by Simrin...

Simrin uses handmade linens from India that are 100% cotton. These ochre and black colorways are available at Velocity, and come in a bunch sizes, from $30 coasters to $130 for the large tray.

There are matching tablecloths and runners too. Simrin has another collection called "nature" that is equally stunning.

We love the delicate yet powerful etched flora graphics that could add a nice texture to your tabletop. Check out them out at Velocity or at the Simrin website.

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