Sip and See

Sip and See

Julia Cho
Aug 5, 2009

Have you heard of a "Sip and See?" To be honest, we had not. It's basically a little party after the baby is born where the parents get to show baby off a bit and get out of the house. Whether or not a Sip and See party is for you, there are a few good ideas here including dollar story sippy cups that guests get to fill up with candy and take home as favors.

Some other great inspiration here:

• Great drink jars from Walmart- or you could use cute mason jars, with cute labels. Add some colorful beverages and they double as decoration.

• Cupcake stand purchased at Michaels and decorated with paper on each level and cute cupcake toppers.

Read more about this event, inspired by Tomkat Studios over at Everyday Celebrating.

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