Siren Alarm and Eleckra Toaster by LOTS

Siren Alarm and Eleckra Toaster by LOTS

Janel Laban
Jun 29, 2007

Swedish design group LOTS asks, "Why attach an alarm to the ceiling when you can combine it with existing objects?"
Their new smoke detector, Siren, is integrated into the ceiling mount for a pendant lamp. It's a big leap forward in simplicity compared to standard smoke alarms which are beautiful because of what they do, but NOT exactly a design plus in most rooms.

Below the jump - a very unexpected take on the humble toaster...

The Elektra toaster is made from glass, black thermoplastic and gold. Slightly surreal in how it resembles ice yet heats up, along with the surprising choice of materials, it is absolutely the epitome of "unique".

The LOTS group has several current projects with one thing in common: a complete disregard for what the consumer expects something to look like; which is not a bad thing at all - they instead are showing us what things COULD look like.

More info (and products) at the LOTS site.

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