(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Sisters of Los Angeles Leather iPhone and iPad Sleeves
$55 for Cell Phone / $70 for iPad 

One of my favorite shelter/design books is architect Barbara Bestor's Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake, a tour of Silver Lake's eclectic interior and exterior architecture, revealing the author's deep and genuine love of our shared corner of Los Angeles. Her latest project extends this love into a celebration of LA into her freeways, canyon, and of course our beaches, with a series of products emblazoned with some of LA's most famous freeway names and locales.

A little more subtle but still showcasing some city pride are these "LA" logo patterned iPad and iPhone leather cases; even haters of the city might miss the repeated letter pattern as simply a stylish modernist relief, while Angelenos will delight upon discovering the slightly hidden message revealed by eyes and tracing fingertips.