Sites to Try:

Sites to Try:

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 19, 2007

We all like to share our photographs. In the internet age, this has developed into a barrage of emails with subject lines reading "Your friend has invited you to look at their photos" taking us to uninspiring commercial sites and leaving us with cold, boring pages and not much of a sense of our friend's experience. is a web service that allows us to design our own online scrapbooks. Want to share your new baby or your latest vacation with the world ? Upload your photos, play around with the various backgrounds, texts, and formats, and create your own virtual photo album.

While some of the features are a bit campy, the site really lets you decide how you would like things to look. Uploading photos is fairly simple, and with the ability to link to your Flickr account, your scrapblog could be up and running in no time. With this service you can share a beautifully crafted scrapbook without the expense and clutter of traditional photo storage, and offer an attractive and personal statement to share with your friends and family.

Go here to learn more, as they are currently gearing up for a new release. Can't bear to wait to get started? You can still set up a beta account and try out the older version.


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