Six Degrees of Separation: From a Shell Chair to an Arco Lamp in Six Stylish Steps

See how we go from this to this in six degrees.

The theory goes that everything is linked by at the most six steps. Looking through images of beautiful interiors, we put this theory to the test. From the shell chair to the Arco lamp, we do the design math.

Degree 1: A Classic Shell Chair meets IKEA's Graphic Pillow.

Degree 2:IKEA's Graphic Pillow meets Pia Wallen's Cross Blanket.

Degree 3: Pia Wallen's Cross Blanket meets The Graphic Striped Rug.

Degree 4: The Graphic Striped Rug meets The Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Degree 5: The Fiddle Leaf Fig meets The Beni Ourain Rug.

Degree 6: The Beni Ourain Rug meets The Arco Lamp.

Where To Find It:
1. Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Arm Chair
2. Graphic Pillow Cover from IKEA
3. Cross Blanket by Pia Wallen
4. Striped Black and White Rug
5. Fiddle Leaf Fig
6. Beni Ourain Rug
7. Arco Lamp

Images from: Style by Emily Henderson, The Westwood, White and Fresh, A Merry Mishap, Lonny, Style by Emily Henderson, Apartment Therapy

(Image credits: As linked)