Sketch a Plan of Your First Apartment from Memory

Taking a walk down memory lane, we started wondering whether we could sketch an accurate plan of our first apartment. And with that, a doodle began that reawakened memories we thought we'd lost forever:

You assume you remember it all off the top of your head. But when you put pen to paper and lay it all out in black and white, you notice holes in some places and you remember other things that just might surprise you. I, for instance, remembered upon sketching my plan that my meager little studio actually had an entryway of sorts. Problem was, it wasn't at the front door, but a few steps to the side of it. But it was a perfect place for kicking off your shoes when you stepped inside and hanging up your coat.

Go ahead - try to make a quick sketch of your first apartment's floorplan. Any surprises rise to the surface of your memory?

Image: Flickr member rabanito, licensed for use under Creative Commons

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Regina is an architect who lives with her husband and children in Lawrence, KS. As a LEED Accredited Professional and longtime contributor to Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn, her focus is on healthy, sustainable living through design.