Skinny Minnie: A Four-Foot-Wide Home

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It's a fact of city living that lots are small. Even if your apartment is big, your building is likely only a few feet from the buildings next door. Most of us just walk right on by these gaps without a thought — but not writer Etgar Keret. He noticed a four-foot-wide space in Warsaw, Poland and decided to build a home there.

The house, called Ermitaż, was designed as an art installation by architect Jakub Szczasny, and the project first announced during the 2009 Wola Art Festival. That said, Keret does plan to live there and according to design collective Centrala, it's also intended to be "a studio for invited guests – young creators and intellectualists from all over the world."

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While I admire anyone who's willing to live in a smaller space, even the pictures of this are making me claustrophobic — not usually something that bothers me. Suzanne LaBarre, senior editor at Co.Design, noted that it looks like "a sensory depivation chamber." On the flip side, it does include some interesting small space ideas like off-grid plumbing developed from boating technology and stairs that fold into the building with the press of a button.

What do you think? Could you live in a 4-foot-wide home? Would you find it inspiring to stay in one?

Via: NPR.
For more information, see Centrala.

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Image Credits: Jakub Szczasny /Centrala

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