Sköna Hem's 2009 Trend Report

Sköna Hem's 2009 Trend Report

Grace Shu
Jan 20, 2009

One of our favorite décor mags, Sweden's Sköna Hem, recently listed their trend prediction of 2009. If you're in need of some inspiration to spruce up your home, take a minute to peruse the list...

1. Raw Blonde Wood With the recent movements to go green, it's no surprise that this tops this list. Beautiful blonde wood meets locally produced materials stresses the importance of simplicity.

2. Tailored Textiles For heavier fabrics (like this grand purple velvet), the tailored look can give a room just the right amount of glamour.

3. Sense & Sensibility This trend is described as creating spaces that evoke a sense of "calm and harmony" by using sheer fabrics and delicate, muted colors.

4. Soft Cubism Main furniture pieces are getting a bit rounder on the edges--but not losing its boxy shape! This contradictory trend can give a room a nice element of surprise.

5. Factory Elements Despite the push towards delicacy and calm, there's always a niche for those of us who have more industrial tastes. The "factory" look is all about using bold primary colors to create a creative work/live space. It's Mondrian meets Pac Man!

Check out all the trends at Sköna Hem! [ Warning: It's all in Swedish. ]

[ Photos from Sköna Hem ]

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