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Washington, DC
Inspiration for my palette:
The "room" is a studio apartment, and is actually a living room/dining room/office/library all in one! In such a small space, I wanted a happy color that would give the feel of my own sanctuary in the city. Green is fresh and vibrant, but also soothing. And this room is always cheerful.
Colors used in my room:
Green - blue green, yellow green - any green! Because I was decorating a very small space, and wanted to use pattern, I stuck to a simple palette: green and white, with a bit of black tossed in. Using a multitude of green shades means there is no "wrong" color. The fact that none of them are exactly matched makes the palette work.
Tips for using color successfully:
Be as bold as the color you're using! Don't hesitate to play it up with pattern or repetition.
Green Retreat