Skyscape Quilts by Kim Eichler-Messmer

Design Showcase 2010

Design: Skyscape Quilts
Materials: hand-dyed cotton, cotton thread and quilt batting
Designer: Kim Eichler-Messmer

"I create heirloom quality quilts that are soft and durable enough to be used on a bed but beautiful enough to be hung on the wall. My Skyscape quilts are inspired by the sky in the Midwest, especially right before or after a thunderstorm."


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"I love to see strange color combinations and am constantly amazed and delighted by what Mother Nature has to offer. My own photographs of the sky act as starting points for the color use and proportion in each quilt. Each quilt top is pieced from at least 19 different hand-dyed fabrics using my own custom dye recipes. I use only the highest quality materials including glue and resin free cotton batting, and mercerized cotton quilting thread."

Designer: Kim Eichler-Messmer
Location: Kansas City, KS


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About Design Showcase 2010: This summer we're celebrating the best in design for the home. We're taking submissions from independent and student designers from around the world and letting our readers vote on who they think has the best design. There's also a panel of august judges (no pun intended). Two winners will win $20,000 in targeted advertising placements on our sites to help launch their careers ($10k apiece).

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