Slashdot Roundup: 04.30.07

Slashdot Roundup: 04.30.07

Apr 30, 2007

Updates on technology for the home from the tech blog Slashdot:

DVD Ripping Ruled Legal: Most practical use of ripped-DVD files? Having your own server to be able to play them back at any time on any TV without having to actually put the DVD into the system. A judge ruled, in the long-standing lawsuit between Kaleidescape (a high-end DVD jukebox manufacturer) and The DVD Copy Control Association, that 'nothing in the agreement prevents you from making copies of DVDs. Nothing requires that a DVD be present during playback.'

Guy Who Started TiVo Now Helping to Build Direct-to-You Movies: With the increase of HDTVs on the market, and the decreasing pleasure of going to the movies, venture capitalists are betting on wanting to see movies at home, downloaded directly from the studios, possibly even on the day they're released to movie theaters.

Dell Rethinking Direct-Sales Approach: Michael Dell admits that his company may need to re-think how it sells its computers, as the market shifts from desktop PCs to notebooks, which people often want to touch and feel notebook PCs in person for the best fit.

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