Sleep Revolution’s Better than a Box Spring

We sleep on a platform bed without a box spring, but we find this idea intriguing enough to mention for our readers who might be looking for a box spring replacement that also offers additional storage options built into the design. The confidently named Better Than Box Spring from Sleep Revolution (an equally confident name...a revolution, you say?) is a steel constructed frame system that supposedly provides the same support as a box spring, but with a more hygienic metal construction (no wood and fabric for dust mites) and a space efficient open section for slide out storage within...

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Priced at $170 for a twin, upwards of $300 for a California King, the system isn't too expensive considering traditional box springs can be easily priced upwards of that range, and you have the additional option of storing away items within with this steel framework design. Also, the Better than a Box Spring can easily be folded away for storage or moving without any tools, making it a viable "occasional bed for guests" solution. We can't vouch for how comfortable it is, but it can't be worse than some of the box springs we've had in the past (one was practically a mold farm, while another always smelled weird straight from the factory).