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Speaking of TV episodes about moving and moving in together, have you seen the "Twin Beds" episode of How I Met Your Mother? Longtime couple Lily and Marshall are seduced by the idea of getting two twin beds, with a third bed — "a dirty, dirty sex bed" — just for sex.

Initially, the couple is horrified to find a set of twin beds in their weekend getaway lodge (above), vowing to "go complain in just a sec"... but then they fall asleep for 18 hours. Back home in their shared bed, they struggle to fall asleep:

Marshall: My god — she's a thousand degrees! It's like putting my leg against a tailpipe.

Lily: Ow, his toenails are like daggers!

Marshall: I'd love a sandwich, but "No Eating In Bed" — stupid rule. We have ants ONE time..

Lily: Great, and now he's falling asleep. Cue the river of drool!

Desperate to sleep, they decide to get separate beds — "and a mini-fridge!":

Marshall: I don't think human beings were ever meant to sleep in the same bed. Somehow sex and sleep got all jumbled together, but they're two different things.

Lily: I know! I mean, I love you, but I want this new bed to be a sanctuary for sleep and sleep alone.

Marshall: Me, too. And some light snacking, but that's it.

They're convinced that their new three bed system (plus a bean bag chair just for special birthday stuff) will revolutionize modern marriage. Their enthusiasm takes a hit when Robin's new boyfriend Don reveals that he and his ex-wife had separate beds, which he believes led them to drift apart:

Lily: Marshall, I'm worried. I don't want to get divorced.

Marshall: Oh, baby. Baby, that's Don, that's not us. Our new sleeping arrangement is only going to bring us closer together. Now get out of my bed.

Lily: Can we at least push 'em together?

Marshall: Sure! Oh, you meant the beds — no I don't wanna do that.

Lily: Why not?

Marshall: Baby, I love you more than life itself, but you're a million degrees. Honestly, I'm surprised your hourly pee breaks aren't just steam.

Lily: Well, you're no picnic in bed either — except for the food and the ants — but I still want to be next to you.

Marshall: Why, so you can kick me and slap me all night? I swear to God, the second you fall asleep you grow extra limbs. It's like spooning with the Hindu deity Ganesha.

Do you and your partner ever — or always — sleep apart? Does it make you sad, or does it make it even more special when you do share a bed? Is it a hassle, or does it work out best for everyone?

(Image: Screenshot from How I Met Your Mother, "Twin Beds", Season 5 Episode 21)