Maxwell Ryan
Apr 4, 2006
MarthaWatch™ - FremantleMedia secures raft of international deals for Martha Stewart’s new daytime show: Oh yes, Martha continues her comeback...

Decorative panels for appliances from Vincon: Tired of the stainless steel look? Now you can put strawberries on your washer!

Plywoood dining room table by Ian Gonsher: Made by BluDot, this new table can be completely knocked down and packed flat.

CB@ announces their new collection of outdoor furniture: Continuing their evolution, CB's little brother grows up and heads out of doors.

"Scherenregal" foldable shelf by Kurt Thut: This has all other portable and lightweight shelves beat.

World's Smallest Stud Finder: And by stud we mean 2x4's... These are essential if you are looking to hand a large object and need something solid to screw into.

The Binaria chair by Oken: Designed for proper posture, and an angle of 135 degrees from legs to chest, this is latest in ergo design. Writer's Almanac:It's the birthday of novelist and screenwriter Marguerite Duras.POEM: "Trouble In Mind" by Richard M. Jones MarthaWatch™: Waddya Think?
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