Gregory Han
Jan 19, 2007

Four Neat Things About Los Angeles: Actually it's twenty four notable and unique points of interest our city has to offer, six categories with four neat things posted underneath each heading.

Solar Powered Attic Fan: Twelve fans help reduce heating and cooling costs without increasing your power usage by harnessing the power of the sun.

Pho-dobo-rrito: Giant Robot's group art show showcases a trio of Los Angeles artists this Saturday night at GR2. And why "Pho-dobo-rrito"? The show is composed of three artists of vietnamese, filipino and mexican heritage...symbolic of our city's diversity.

Norcool Corner Fridge: A space saving fridge that can store the equivalent of 4 large refrigerators, while only taking up 1 sq. meter of floor space.

Readymechs: free, flatpack toys for you to print and build on 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer...a good reason to stay late at work to use the color laser printer!
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