Slipcover on this Vintage Couch?

Slipcover on this Vintage Couch?

Gregory Han
Oct 2, 2009

Q: I just got a very cool old couch for free on craigslist.  Unfortunately, the fabric, while cool, doesn't go with the colors in my apartment.  I can't afford to re-upholster it right now, so I want to buy a slipcover.  So here's the question:  can I use a standard slipcover and still preserve the very cool shape of this couch?

The back is slightly obscured by the pillows in the picture, but it's got a lovely curved dip, and I like the arms' shape as well.  I also want the feet to remain visible.  I'm looking at these slipcovers from JC Penney. Does anyone have experience fitting something similar?  And if not, what other options could I consider?

Sent by Zoë

Editor - Has anyone covered a similar shaped couch with a slipcover with success?

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