Slipcovering a Corona Sofa?

Slipcovering a Corona Sofa?

Regina Yunghans
Jun 3, 2014
(Image credit: Valerie)

Q: Like many people in the mid aughts, I purchased the Macy's Corona Sofa in Pear (referenced here!). The problem is that it has not worn well. It stains (even with just water), the nubbly fabric is very attractive to my cats as a scratching post, and it sort of just flattened out over the years. I do still love the shape of it, but feel like it's an eyesore in my home. Has anyone had luck using a slipcover on this style of sofa? I was considering purchasing a new cushion for the seat (a large block of upholstery foam) and putting a cover over the sofa and new cushion. Are there any ready-made slipcovers that would fit the Corona and not totally obscure the mod look?

Sent by Valerie

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