Slipping, Sliding & Safety:
Carpeted vs. Wooden Stairs

Slipping, Sliding & Safety:
Carpeted vs. Wooden Stairs

Kim R. McCormick
Aug 9, 2012

I was not a fan of carpeting before moving into my current home, where the stuff covers two stairwells and the whole second floor. I'm even more of a detractor now that it has caused me to fall three times on the stairs, with the most recent incident, on Monday, drawing some blood.

I'm not an especially clumsy person; I was barefoot, having just taken off my slippers that merit their name. The carpeting also was just installed last year before my husband and I owned the house. Unfortunately, it seems the carpet's just not very high quality. Also unfortunate is that we can't afford to replace that stain-showing beige-ness in every room. I am tempted, for looks and safety, to rip up the carpet on the stairs.

I know that some people think wood stairs are just as slippery. What's your feeling on carpeted versus wooden stairs?

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(Image: Sarah Dobbins)

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