Tips for the Slow Home: Smart Furnishings

Tips for the Slow Home: Smart Furnishings

Trent Johnson
Aug 5, 2011

Smart, slow home furnishings are those that meet your needs without excess: they're efficient in use and size, have the ability to serve multiple purposes, and work to make your home more comfortable and functional. These types of furnishings can come from a variety of sources:

Living green means endeavoring to know where your furniture comes from, buying vintage, or at least buying for a story. Slow homes furnishings make your rooms do more work in an effort to help you and your home function better. Take the kitchen in the photo above, where bookshelves line a wall transforming the space into a library and a kitchen in one. Other strategies of a slow home might be to bring the outdoors inside or make furniture an artistic as well as functional endeavor.

Shown above the jump, from left to right

  1. A kitchen and library in one, by Woova
  2. A white vintage dresser from The Good Mod
  3. YĆ¼be modular shelving
  4. A chair, bookshelf, lamp combination by Moormann
  5. Artistic furniture: PURE Furniture by Ami McKay

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