Calling All Smallest Coolest Entrants

Calling All Smallest Coolest Entrants

Mar 27, 2007

Friday, April 6th. That's this year's deadline for the 2007 Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest entries.

We knw that many of you don't get motivated until you actually begin to see other entries posted, but since that would make your entry LATE, this year we're pulling a few from last year's Northern California and Pacific Northwest archives to get you going. This beauty is Deb's Inspired Loft Space in Portland, and can be ogled in full right here.

A quick review: all homes are eligible if they are under 650 square feet. They can be ANYWHERE in the world. And our prizes from DWR are big, big, big.

All info is right here. All past contest entries are here: SC 2005, SC 2006.

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