Small Cool 2007 : Wrap Party in Chicago

Small Cool 2007 : Wrap Party in Chicago

Janel Laban
May 21, 2007

Thanks to Design Within Reach at Tree Studios for being fabulous hosts for our Smallest Coolest Contest wrap party last Thursday. David, Melissa, Lindsey and Lisa made us all feel welcome. The space is really amazing; the vintage architecture blends beautifully with DWR's contemporary offerings. It's worth a visit to this location if you haven't been before - a very unique retail environment that feels more like a home.

We all enjoyed the tasty wine kindly provided to AT:Chicago from Juicy Wine Co., located at 694 N. Milwaukee. Thanks, Rodney!

A single regret: We wish we could have been handing out prizes to the super Midwest semifinalists - many of them were in attendance - Michael and Mindy, Olivia Leigh and Nathan. Happily we could all congratulate Magnaverde in person, a Midwest entrant who garnered an honorable mention from the judges. (But sadly we didn't get a photo of the honoree, sorry Magnaverde!)

Thanks to all who came to the party (with extra thanks to faithful reader and friend of AT, Devon, who took on name tag duties!) - it's always a pleasure to get together with the AT:Chicago community. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as Heather and I did!

(Top photo is of Sarah and Steve)

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