Congratulations to all the winners! AT: The Nursery would like to thank all of the entrants for stepping up and sharing their children's rooms - it has been an inspiring contest. Thanks to the readers for choosing our six semi-finalists and to the judges for choosing our three winners. Argington has been a great partner in this contest - Thanks to Jenny and Andrew for everything!

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Quotes from the Judges on June's Room:

Julia:"I want to live in this room! I love the fact that much of what's in it was handed down from grandparents, and parents.
I think what makes the room for me is the bold choice of color."

Janie:"This incredibly feminine and modern room has a decidedly European flair that I love. Using June's beautiful little dresses as décor is a great idea and the bright pink and orange paint and textiles against the old wood floors is charming."

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Quotes from the judges on Judy and John's entry:

Kristin:"The mural is what makes the room – it is both warm and modern, and a great use of color. Pink can be tough to pull off, but this room does it to great effect. Clearly this is a small room, but the French doors and light touch make this room seem twice as large."

Julia:"This room is both very small, and incredibly beautiful to the eyes. I love the shades of pink used, and the stencil art. I feel the whole room is tied together really well."

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Quotes from the judges on Violet's room:

Janie : "The smartest and most thoughtful use of space I've seen. Lauren and Davison forced light into this walled-off room and addressed Baby Violet's view (or lack thereof) with a transom, a glass French door, an interior window and a well-placed mirror. I also love all of the elements that contribute to the rich color palette - the brick wall, dresser, changing pad fabric and artwork."

Kristin: "The use of mirrors is clever, and makes this feel like a much larger space. The exposed brick is a big plus for me, but I also like the use of art on the walls, and the efficient use of storage."