Small Cool Extras: Matt's Fargo Chic

(We had a great deal of entries that didn't make the cut last month, BUT which deserve to be seen. Matt's came in late and is a part of a bigger house, but it rocks.)

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Name: Matt C.
Location: Fargo, ND
Size: 630 Square Feet, 1 bed / 1 bath

What inspired me?
"I first became interested in interior design when I stumbled across my mother's furniture magazines. What caught my attention most was DWR. I enjoyed the classic pieces in the catalog and reading the short bios of the designers. That springboarded into wanting to know everything I could about furniture design!

What is my favorite resource?
Mocoloco, of course!

A good design tip:
Keep it simple, don't try to overthink things and don't be afraid to use that space! Get that couch off the wall!

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