Small Cool Extras: Frank's Mid-century Madness

(We had a great deal of entries that didn't make our contest last month, BUT which deserve to be seen. Frank's apartment is a wonderful mid-century statement, and we particularly like the kitchen organization.)

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Name: Frank P.
Location: NYC, UWS near CU
Size: 596 Square Feet

What is my favorite resource?
eBay, antique emporiums (outside the city), flea markets and Ikea.

What inspired me?
I've lived in this great, rent-stabilized for 20 years, but until 3 years ago, it looked like a just-out-of-college place with a futon couch, folding chairs, etc. When I decided to get some 'adult' furniture, I took my cues from the orange eames chair and the 50's lamp with red shade, 2 pieces I had previously acquired....

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Major furniture items were from antique stores, and most of the lighting fixtures and other treatments are eBay finds. The brown leather couch is new, and the recliners were an eBay find, reupholstered by a service recommended here on AT.

A friend once described this as the furniture our parents had, but my mom would say it was the kind she wanted but couldn't afford!

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A good design tip:
Someone earlier mentioned buying non-big-designer mid-century pieces -- look for some of the quality brands of the time, such as Lane, Dux, and Drexel. They were beautifully made and the owners generally took excellent care.

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