Small Cool Extra: Kirk's Amazing Memory

Name: Kirk Lenard
Location: Greenwich Village, NY
Size & Type: 620 sf Studio w. Loft

Favorite resource: All the furniture is from flea markets or NY street trash (including the purple Jacobsen egg chair!)

Pitch: I guess I missed the deadline, and my apartment is too old anyway. It's from 10 years ago and it's since been demolished. But it's only 600sf and I built it all with my own hands and fitted it out with furniture from flea markets and trash and was once my pride and joy...

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Pitch Cont'd: A parlour floor studio apartment in an 1860 brownstone in NY's Greenwich Village that tripled in price in less than 2 years (after renovations).

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INFO: a full height "hallway" hides behind overhead cabinets in the kitchen; aluminum baking trays double as ceiling tiles to lower the dining room ceiling; storage is hidden everywhere (like above the bathroom ceiling - with a chute to the laundry, behind the chimney mantle, and behind the headboard, etc); a desk/dj booth is camouflaged in the dining area storage wall; the bathroom sink swivels; and a 10-seater Heywood Wakefield triple-wishbone table folds into 18" x 39".

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I have another tiny 10' wide house in Sydney Australia, but it's around 800 sf (spread over 3 floors - 2 bedrooms + office + courtyard, deck, internal fishpond, working fireplace, laundry, etc). It's a bit more contemporary. I included a shot as well. Some even better ideas there like a shower in a cupboard and a bathroom that doubles as the stair landing.

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Your favorite element: loft with furry ceiling tiles, pearlescent wall panels and full height "hallway" (in kitchen below it's hidden behind overhead cabinets); aluminum baking trays as ceiling tiles to distinguish the dining room; a desk/dj booth camouflaged in the dining area storage wall; and a 10-seater Heywood Wakefield triple-wishbone table folds to less than 2' x 4'; books and storage everywhere -- closets above the bathroom ceiling (with a chute to the laundry), storage behind the mantle, in the headboard, above the kitchen ceiling, etc; the bathroom sink swivels.

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